Ashwin and Olivia are taking a trip. For the foreseeable future, we will be living out of the back of our 4x4 as we drive through Mexico, Central, and South America. Driving gives us the freedom to set our own pace, explore hard to reach places, and bring along a few creature comforts. We don't know exactly where we're going, or how we're going to maintain our vegetarian ways, but we're excited and ready (we think) for what's ahead.


Olivia Sparkuhl

Olivia is a lover who wants to understand people. She's in to all things leafy, funny, and outdoorsy. When she's not using her Vitamix, Olivia practices yoga, breathing exercises and Nonviolent Communication (we all could use more of this). Though she misses San Francisco, post-modern dance, and teaching 3 year-olds how to shake it off, she is thrilled about this next chapter. 


Ashwin Atre

Ashwin is a scientist who wants to understand the world. He's passionate about taking care of the environment, being active, and nurturing his creative side. For the last 6 years, Ashwin has been studying materials science and optical physics at Stanford University and finally received his Ph.D. in June (read his thesis here!). Despite his deeply scientific mind, he also loves expressing himself through photography and filmmaking.


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