REAL TALK: How to test your relationship? The answer isn't traveling together.

Ashwin and I moved down to Carpinteria in June to be closer to his family and figure out the next chapter of our lives. We settled into his sister and her boyfriend's cozy converted garage, which was only a 5-minute walk from Ashwin's parent's house (we still always drove), and quickly started planning this trip. Well, we tried to plan. Ok, Ashwin planned and I tried. FINE, I DIDN'T DO ANY PLANNING THE FIRST MONTH BECAUSE I WAS FREAKING OUT ABOUT NOT HAVING A JOB, FRIENDS, AND ANYTHING TO DO. S**t got real. 

By the second and third month, it was even more real. Spending 24/hours a day, 7 days/week with another human who also ain't got no J-O-B , no frandz, and nothin' to do has the potential to DESTROY LOVE.  Don't worry, it didn't. 

By the fourth month, we were getting support from a couple's counselor (pause) and it was one of the best things I, and we, have ever given to our relationship. We left those sessions with more love for each other than we had felt in months. And I was finally ready to contribute more to the planning process! I really don't know why therapy has such a stigma. It's like the best thing ever. Just as we exercise our bodies to equip us with the tools necessary for physical strength and longevity, why do we resist equipping our minds and hearts with the tools necessary for compassionate communication and self-love? 

By the fifth month, planning was actually in high gear! We could easily count the number of days until our lease ended but still had a mountain of tasks to complete. The impending departure added stress to our lives and relationship but we made it through, however imperfectly, and with new tools to choose from.

By today, we've started our trip! Our first stop is one of our fav campsites in Joshua Tree, White Tank, with one of our fav friends, Jessie Largey!

Thanks for the test, Life. 

We're so excited to share more with you soon!