¡Para servirles!


 Tomorrow, Ashwin and I complete our two-week stint of studying Spanish and living with a Mayan family on Lake Atitlán. Today, I finished up a week of teaching dance - ballet and hip-hop (in Spanish!) - to these adorable chicas and chicos (not pictured). Not one of them had ever taken a class but *all* of them knew how to move.

During our "performance" for their parents today, I looked out at Rosario, the girl on the far left, and tears blurred my vision for a moment. Her arms were sloppy and her feet weren't pointed but her eyes were *glowing* with happiness and her smile was so contagious that my cheeks formed the exact same shape before my brain knew what was happening. I'll never forget that moment.

Thank you, chicas, for reminding me how much heart-pumpin body-shakin JOY working with kids brings me. Estoy para sevirles!