Velasquez Family Coffee (video!)

Something new happened yesterday - Olivia and I were both brought to tears as we left our latest camping spot, struggling to say goodbye but knowing that we'd be back one day. These last four days in Honduras have been some of the best of our entire trip so far, and it's all thanks to these wonderful people. Avilio and Bertilia Velasquez own an organic coffee farm in the little community of Rio Negro at the edge of the insanely beautiful Comayagua National Park in central Honduras. These two infuse everything they do with love and kindness, from how they run their family to their incredible respect for and knowledge of the natural world. We were so inspired by their warmth and generosity and their commitment to sustainability that we decided to make a video to help promote their amazing product: organic, fair trade, shade grown, hand picked coffee. 

And the coolest part... you can order their coffee directly from Avilio's brother in Minnesota!