I woke up this morning feeling mad at time. (Happy New Year!) It was probably the one too many episodes of Man in the High Castle last night or time-traveling with Kurt Vonnegut this morning, but I woke up feeling pissed that you, Time, will never, ever stop. Can't you give me another minute so I can eat just one more of these delicious vegan blueberry banana pancakes I just made?

After we had coffee and packed up our home on wheels, Ashwin and I headed out to see yet another beautiful product of Mother Nature, but halfway there my anger turned to sadness and I just started sobbing. I cried because, one day, our trip will be over. I cried because our parents are getting older and we're only getting further from them. I cried because our world is changing so fast. And those magical yet real wonders of our planet that we once saw in children's books - like forests and glaciers (...and fairies) - are vanishing quicker than I can comprehend.

Ashwin stopped the car, reached for my hand, and asked me what was wrong. I told him what was going on (except for the part about the fairies, of course) and together we acknowledged, yet again, the importance of appreciating the many moments and the many people in our brief but wondrous lives.

We are *always* losing time and one day there won't be any left. So here's to letting go of the trivial he-said-she-said bullshit and making room for more magic, more love, and more bubble baths.