We're back!


It's been a while, so we just wanted to check in and let you know what's been happening recently. After almost 2 months in Guatemala, we went home to spend some quality time with fam and friends and to attend Sebastian and Diane's wedding in Santa Barbara (congrats!)! 

In the beginning of May, we flew back to Guatemala to pick up our car where we left it (at an auto shop called ARB Guatemala) and had a few new things installed: an awning to keep us cool/dry/bug free, and a new battery charger! Gracias Humberto!

Then it was off to El Salvador! We met up with our friends Taisa and Ernesto ( and have been driving around El Salvador for the last few weeks with them. A video update about this small but amazing country will come eventually, but for now, here are some pictures and short vids to keep you entertained :)



Congrats Seb and Diane! Thanks for including us in your big day!

Congrats Seb and Diane! Thanks for including us in your big day!

Double family dinner at San Ysidro Ranch!

Double family dinner at San Ysidro Ranch!

I got a drone! First flight in Carpinteria. This is going to be fun... 

Surfing at the famous right hand point break of El Sunzal at Playa El Tunco in El Salvador. 

Volcán Ilamatepec (Santa Ana) and Volcán Izalco in Parque Nacional Los Volcanes El Salvador

REAL TALK: How to test your relationship? The answer isn't traveling together.

Ashwin and I moved down to Carpinteria in June after he graduated to be closer to his family and figure out the next chapter of our lives. We settled into his sister and her boyfriend's cozy converted garage, which was only a 5-minute walk from Ashwin's parent's house (we still always drove), and quickly started planning this trip. Well, we tried to plan. Ok, Ashwin planned and Itried. FINE, I DIDN'T DO ANY PLANNING THE FIRST MONTH BECAUSE I WAS FREAKING OUT ABOUT NOT HAVING A JOB, FRIENDS, AND ANYTHING TO DO. S**t got real.